Woman Gaga’s Canine Are Returned Safely


Lady Gaga’s two French bulldogs were recovered unharmed in Los Angeles on Friday, police said two days after thieves stole the dogs and shot a man who was accompanying them.

The man was shot dead Wednesday night after two people got out of a white car and demanded “the dogs be turned at gunpoint,” the Los Angeles Police Department said on a Twitter thread. After a fight, they set off with two of the three dogs he had walked.

Police said it appeared that a semi-automatic pistol had been used to shoot the dog walker who was later identified as Ryan Fischer by Lady Gaga. He was rushed to hospital on Wednesday and was in serious but stable condition by Friday afternoon.

Someone took the dogs to a Los Angeles police station around 6 p.m. Friday and a representative from Lady Gaga picked them up, police spokesman Officer Mike Lopez said. “The dogs will be returned safely,” he said.

He declined to provide further details and said the investigation would continue.

No arrests had been made as of Thursday.

In an Associated Press report on Friday, Captain Jonathan Tippett of the Los Angeles Police Department was quoted as saying that the woman who took the dogs to the police station appeared to be “unrelated and unaffiliated” in the attack.

The previous Friday, Lady Gaga wrote on Instagram that she was offering a reward of $ 500,000 for the safe return of the dogs Koji and Gustav. “My heart is sick and I pray that with an act of kindness my family will be healthy again,” she wrote.

She also thanked Mr. Fischer, who is in his 30s and lives in the neighborhood where he was shot.

“I still love you, Ryan Fischer. You risked your life to fight for our family,” she said in the post. “You are forever a hero.”

Mr. Fischer was so devoted to Koji and Gustav that he would take a bullet from them, said one of his friends, Steven Lazaroff, a CBS television reporter after filming.

“He eats, sleeps and breathes these dogs,” he said.

Johnny Diaz contributed to the coverage.


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