Wibsey man Invoice departs Yorkshire Terriers and cricket at 86


A LEGEND of Yorkshire cricket bends for good at the age of 86.

Wibsey man Bill Robinson has spent the past 20 years on the Yorkshire Terriers’ disabled team, having previously played cricket regularly for decades.

He had hoped to play a few times this season, but with the coronavirus pandemic decimating the list of games, he felt it was the right time to call it a day.

Spinner Bill, who was born with just one hand, said, “I wanted to play this season but it’s all over, our games against other northern county teams like Lancashire and Derbyshire.

“I played three games last year and we made it to the final, but some of the guys who are coming through on the team are only 14 years old while I’m obviously the oldest.

“We had a pretty strong squad last year and I also found transportation to some away games quite difficult as it could be up to 200 miles round trip.

“I got 15 points in my last game, but it would be a good way to end the game.”

If Bill had stuck to his original plans, he would have called it a day years ago.

He laughed, “I wanted to retire when I was around 50 when my son started in the Bradford League, but I said I would play if the team was short and that meant I would do the most Weeks played.

“I played for Mayfield in the Sunday School League in my sixties, but Yorkshire needs to be contacted to acquire disabled cricketers and (former terrier captain) Bob Middleton called and asked if I would be interested.

“At first I thought it had to be an April Fool’s joke and I didn’t join the team straight away. But they wanted experienced players. I got there around 1999 and was a captain for six or seven years. ”

Bill’s time with the Terriers has brought him some unforgettable experiences, including the chance to play at some of the county’s famous venues, as well as in beautiful grounds across the country.

When asked about a favorite memory, he said, “We played Emmerdale Farm in a friendly in Headingley in 2002.

“I got 28 points and had a picture of my name on the electronic scoreboard on the floor.

“But there was also the time when I took the terriers out at Lord’s, which was special.”

When asked what’s next for the amazing Bill Robinson, he said, “The terriers were hoping to hold a friendly game or two so I might be able to play a game or two, but I doubt it.

“Mind retirement is fine until they tell me they miss the players (laughs).

“I’m 86 now and I will definitely keep in touch with the team, but I just want to be a spectator and keep watching our local games. I’m a little crazy to be honest.

“It’s a shame this year because my wife and I planned on going to all sorts of places, but the lockdown stopped all of that and made me call it a day of cricket too.”

After a longer inning than most, Bill has probably earned the right to put his feet up.


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