Watch Canine Legion has delayed its PvP modes and DLC


Watch Dogs Legion has received a steady number of updates since its release last year, although bugs delayed some planned features like online mode.

Now Ubisoft has created a new roadmap for future updates that prioritizes some quality of life features while pushing back the story DLC and new online modes.

The next patch for the game is Title Update 4.5, which will be released on June 1st. This is a little later than intended, but it fixes bugs in 4.0 and adds a “performance mode” of 60 FPS for console gamers. The bad news is that the Invasion and Extraction PvP modes, which were originally scheduled for late May, have been postponed until August. The expansion of the Bloodline story is also slightly in decline from late June to early July.

Ubisoft explained the reason for changing PvP modes in a post, saying, “We want to invest more time in solid public and private matchmaking as it is vital for us to provide you with a smooth and fun PvP experience . ”

To compensate for this, the June 1st update will now include Grandma Helen as a freelancer. Helen is the old lady who kicks the ass in the game’s E3 trailers.

DedSec, check out our updated roadmap – with new QoL updates, changes based on your feedback, new dates … and a surprise!

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– Guard dogs: Legion (@watchdogsgame) May 21, 2021

There are delays so hey-ho, but I’m interested in learning more about the invasion and extraction modes. Invading other players was one of the best things about the early Guard Dogs, and I’m excited to see what “Invasion” means now that it’s a multiplayer mode of its own.

Multiplayer stays where I am most interested in the Watch Dogs series because I want to play around with the toys without having to figure out the story. “I would have enjoyed Watch Dogs Legion so much more if it had just turned into the full nonsense of Guy Ritchie with his tone,” Nate said on his review of Watch Dogs Legion. “I really appreciate what it’s trying to do with its story, but the end result is like Jason Statham beating you to death with a book of Nietzsche’s aphorisms. It’s still Jason fucking Statham, and you always will still beaten. ”


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