Stray canine an issue in Chaparral, Dona Ana County officers say


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The number of stray dogs in Chaparral, New Mexico is growing rapidly, and the county is urging residents to help with this problem.

Doña Ana County Animal Control Department is asking residents to neuter and neuter their pets and to keep them in their yards.

Officer Gweneth Kingsley, who has been with DAACO for nearly six years, said stray dogs were a problem in Chaparral.

“They have big problems with stray dogs, but so do much of the southern part of the county,” Kingsley said.

According to Jeanne Quintero of Dona Ana County Animal Control, the bigger problem is people failing to neuter or neuter their pets.

“Puppies stay unfixed and have their litters too,” she said. “The numbers come together over time and that’s a problem.”

Last year, the county responded to 375 calls that resulted in nearly 147 stray dogs being taken into custody. Many of the dogs that are found and taken in by ACO are dogs that have just left their farm. On average, there were almost 28 calls a month.

“ACOs estimate that a large percentage of reported strays are actually owned by dogs that are allowed to roam freely. Most have collars, some have tags, and some are microchipped, ”Quintero said.

One of the most common excuses the county hears is for owners to say their dogs are fine when they are free.

“When the dogs are returned to the owners, a number of responses are received, such as: B. ‘My neighbors don’t mind’. He always comes back at the end of the day. He just goes for a walk alone. ‘”

Officer Kingsley said there are other concerns when it comes to strays or pets getting off. When dogs become excited or attack animals and / or kill livestock such as chickens, the dog must be euthanized.

“The problem with these cases is that the dog may not be dangerous or similar to humans at all, but if there is evidence that they killed livestock, New Mexico law requires them to do so only once,” Kingsley said .

One resident who wanted to remain anonymous said he was frustrated with the strays in the area.

“People just don’t care. They just let their dogs go anywhere and nobody is responsible for their pets. I take my dogs off, why can’t they do that too? “Said the resident.

The county is encouraging residents to come forward and asking pet owners to ensure their pets are microchipped and wearing a collar with tags.

One way to make sure they encourage dogs not to get out is to include yards and fences. ACO also advised residents to fill holes around fences when their pet is digging.


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