President Joe Biden poses together with his canines within the Oval Workplace


Champ and Major felt at home in the Oval Office.

President Joe Biden had a pair of furry protectors inside the White House inner sanctuary in a photo that White House photographer Adam Schultz shared on Instagram Monday night.

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Photo shows smiling Biden in the Oval Office with the President’s newest pets, the German Shepherd Dogs Major and Champ, who the President and First Lady Jill Biden brought to the White House after the dogs had been part of their family for years.

Not only do the dogs rest and relax on the Oval Office carpet, they also watch meetings. The White House Flickr account shared a shot of Champ worrying some when Biden met with senior advisors on February 9.

Champ became concerned when President Biden met with senior advisors in the Oval Office earlier this month. Adam Schultz / White House

Champ has been with the Biden family for more than a decade, since he was bought by a breeder before Biden became vice president under President Barack Obama. The dog’s name comes from a nickname Biden’s father had for him when Biden was growing up.

Major is a newer family member who was adopted in 2018 after the Bidens sponsored him from the Delaware Humane Association. He is the first rescue dog to live in the White House.

The two dogs mark a pet return to the White House as former President Donald Trump did not have a pet during his tenure. They are the first two pets in the White House since Obama’s Portuguese water dogs Bo and Sunny.

The Bidens’ best friends have already made their mark by appearing on a First Lady public announcement urging people to wear masks during the pandemic.

Champ and Major better take their time alone in the Oval Office as they may soon have a pet looking for a spot on the carpet. The Bidens announced last November that they were planning to add a cat to the family.


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