Norfolk pet competes in nationwide contest of heroic canines


NORFOLK, VA. – A Norfolk dog competes against many top dogs in a national competition called The American Humane Hero Dog Awards®. It is an annual event where dogs and their owners are recognized.

According to the website, there are seven categories: law enforcement and detection dogs, assistance dogs, therapy dogs, military dogs, guide / hearing dogs, search and rescue dogs, and protection dogs.

Cameo is a black laboratory mix. Her owner, Brittany Sorrentini, said she didn’t want to wait the expected three to five years for a service dog, so Sorrentini adopted Cameo with the intention of training her.

Sorrentini says she has anxiety and narcolepsy. When she got cameo a few years ago, she couldn’t afford a certified service dog. She tells us that she was lucky.

“I took a chance with her, put all my trust in her, and it worked,” said Sorrentini, who added that she knew it was a risk and couldn’t recommend this route to everyone.

“I love that she is persistent and has been a challenge for me. She kept me going. I like everything about her, ”said Sorrentini.

Her owner says the dog helps in a number of ways, including waking up for doses of medication, performing low pressure therapy by lying on her during a panic attack, and providing emotional support and a barrier between her and the crowd.

“I get very sleepy and have sleep attacks. Sometimes it happens while I’m driving and Cameo will point it out so I can drive by, take a nap if necessary, or have a cup of coffee. “

In addition to the continuous support that the dog offers its owner, Cameo is also credited with alerting the family during a house fire in the fall of 2019.

“We opened our bedroom door and the whole house was full of smoke. Without them, we probably wouldn’t have made it in time, ”Sorrentini told News 3.

Sorrentini also says that Cameo motivated her to become a wildlife photographer.

“I made an Instagram for them and people were like, ‘You’re really good at this. ‘So Cameo has the photographer’s child syndrome and I take pictures of her all the time. “

Click here to view the Cameo page.

As for the competition, the category finalists will be honored on the Hallmark Channel this fall. Only one dog will receive the 2021 American Hero Dog title. You can vote for Cameo and learn more about the competition here.


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