Lady attacked by canine outdoors of Robbins ::


– A woman survived a dog attack on Tuesday afternoon, largely thanks to the help of a friendly passerby.

Suzanne Luther, 71, said she was driving on NC Highway 24/27 in Moore County when she saw a woman off the highway.

“I got out and she always said ‘Help, help me’, so I opened the car door and don’t remember if I helped her get in or if she got in on her own,” said Luther. “It was like an external body experience.”

According to Robbins Fire Rescue, five dogs were involved in the attack.

Video from the Sandhills Sentinel shows the woman being flown to UNC hospitals.

According to Sandhills Sentinel, the woman posted on social media that the big dogs dragged her into the woods on NC State Highway 24/27.

It is unclear whether the dogs are strays or pets.

The woman’s condition was unknown on Wednesday.

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