French bulldogs have more and more turn out to be goal for thieves


PINOLE, Calif. (KRON) – Two sets of French Bulldogs were caught by thieves in the East Bay.

Fortunately, one pair has been found, but the other is still missing.

The popular breed has increasingly become the target of Dognapers.

The police and the dog owners are now asking for help with the search.

Why French Bulldogs Are Targeted For Violent Theft

It seems like French bulldog owners need to be really vigilant these days. Dognappers are on the lookout for these expensive dogs and are primarily trying to sell them and make a profit.

One set was stolen from outside a house in Oakland and the others were taken from a yard in Pinole – The ones in Pinole were found, but the Frenchie owners in Oakland are still hoping their dogs will be returned.

Jazzey and Rosita, Hazy and Cookie – Four French Bulldogs stolen from two different families in the East Bay.

Manny Sanchez had his dogs less than a year before they were taken out.

Ring video caught a dog bowl stealing the two Frenchmen from his home in Oakland on Tuesday afternoon.

Woman violently assaulted in San Francisco, puppy stolen at gunpoint

Sanchez’s neighbors told him the thief had flown away in a Toyota.

Missing signs for another pair of French bulldogs were seen in a Quinole neighborhood.

The dogs were fetched from a courtyard on Hermosa Street Monday night.

French bulldogs are becoming increasingly popular with thieves and can make thousands of dollars.

The American Kennel Club has also warned that the number of dog thefts has increased this year.

The family who chose not to be named are words of gratitude that quickly spread on social media and Hazy and Cookie are now back home in Pinole.

Sanchez hopes for the same result.

The American Kennel Club says there are approximately two million cases of dognapping each year.

The most popular breeds include French Bulldogs, Yorkies, and Chihuahuas because they are small and easy to escape.

They suggest that you microchip your pets and keep your contact details up to date.


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