four canine rescued from scorching automobiles over the weekend, Animal Rescue League of Iowa says


According to the ARL, all four dogs were in distress with elevated body temperatures before recovering.

DES MOINES, Iowa – Over the weekend, officials responded to two separate calls from dogs locked in cars in Des Moines, according to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

One of the calls came from Blank Park Zoo on Saturday, where a zoo customer had left two dogs in his car in the parking lot.

Officers from the ARL Animal Service and Des Moines Police Department helped remove the dogs safely from the car after they broke the rear window. The interior of the vehicle was 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also on Saturday, two more dogs were rescued from a car in the Merle Hay Mall parking lot. Here, too, the dogs were safely removed from the car. The ARL did not disclose how hot this car was when the dogs were rescued.

In the end, according to the ARL, all four dogs were “in need with increased body temperatures”. All dogs were looked after by the ARL and were able to recover to safe body temperatures.

Both owners of the dogs that were not named by the ARL received two cases of animal neglect.

The ARL wants people to remember to leave their pets at home when it’s over 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside. On an 80 ° day, the temperature inside a hot car can reach 100 ° in minutes, even with the window open.

Those who see a pet or child alone in a car are encouraged to call the authorities as it could help save lives. In Des Moines, the best place to call the Des Moines Police Department is at 515-283-4811.


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