Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter steps in to assist 19 stray canines from Kentucky discover new properties


VALLEY VIEW, Ohio (WJW) – Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter is helping find homes for over a dozen dogs, some of which may have waited nearly a year to be adopted.

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CCAS partnered with a nonprofit to take in 19 dogs from various Kentucky animal shelters that have been closed to the public since the pandemic began.

Mindy Naticchioni, shelter manager, said CCAS has already transported 14 dogs from Kentucky. Ten of them were adopted.

Four remain, including Barron and Lady, who were featured on the Fox 8 Facebook page on Friday. The two are currently up for adoption.

Lady (left) and Barron (right) Click here to learn more about the dogs available for adoption

And on Saturday, volunteers at the shelter will drive to Columbus to pick up another five dogs and finish their transport to the CCAS. These dogs are quarantined for about a week until they are available.

Naticchioni said the Kentucky animal shelters are closed to the public but are still accepting stray dogs.

She said the shelter is trying to help out as much as it can and recently referred dogs from Dayton, Ashland and Portage counties “just because our adoptions are so strong”.

“They keep great, stable,” Naticchioni said of local adoption numbers. “While we can help other shelters … because we have such a strong adoption base, we can get them out and into homes quickly so they can leave shelter life.”

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