Costliest puppies in Kent as canine costs soar throughout lockdown with house owners pining for French bulldogs, maltipoos and schnoodles


Dog prices went up when lockdown began when people were looking for a friendly pooch to keep them company as they were forced to stay inside.

And although the country is now opening up so people can enjoy longer walks and day trips while still socially distancing themselves, the cost of buying a pet is still extremely high.

Dog prices have risen since the lockdown began. Image: Think Stock Image

In fact, prices have skyrocketed for almost all types of pets, including other favorites like cats.

Some people forego a “rescue pet” and prefer a “designer dog”, usually made by crossing one or more breeds to give them the traits they want.

The Labradoodle started the phenomenon, but now there are many different types, including Cockapoo, Cavapoo, Schnoodle, and Yorkipoo – and they’re on the market at even higher prices than ever.

But some traditional breeds such as Jack Russell and Cocker Spaniels have also increased in price, and some sellers have tripled their pedigree pooch fees due to increased demand.

In March, a typical English bulldog sold for about £ 1,600, but now some are fetching £ 5,000 or more.

So we thought we’d take a look at what dogs are on sale in Kent and check the Pets4Homes website to see how much they cost.

An English bulldog.  Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / Nancy WongAn English bulldog. Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / Nancy Wong

In Sheerness we found an English bulldog puppy for sale for £ 5,500.

The dog was born in June and is ready to go home forever now.

It comes microchipped, dewormed, has had its first vaccination, and will be examined by a veterinarian before leaving.

Also for sale in Sheerness are a few American Bulldog pups for £ 4,500 each.

The seller has three male puppies who are looking for their forever home. They are seven weeks old and mother and litter can be viewed together. The puppies are provided with microchips.

An American bulldog.  Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / Tha1uw4ntAn American bulldog. Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / Tha1uw4nt

In West Malling, a seller has a couple of Cavapoo puppies for sale for £ 4,250 each.

Two girls can be reserved and the seller says the mother, a red miniature poodle, can be seen and the father is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They will be ready for their eternal homes in late September or early October.

They come into contact with children and other dogs well and are used to household noises.

Before they are sold, they are given a vet, come with a puppy package, microchipped, dewormed and given their first vaccination.

A cavapoo.  Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / ElliskimooA cavapoo. Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / Elliskimoo

A Maltipoo puppy sells for £ 4,200 in Tonbridge.

The puppy has been raised around children and treated since birth.

By the time she is ready to return home at the end of August, she would have had her first vaccination.

She has microchips, is dewormed and has a health check from a veterinarian. Her mother is a Kennel Club registered Maltese Terrier and her father is a red Kennel Club registered toy poodle.

And for the price you pay, you get a large bag of Royal Canin food and free four-week pet insurance.

A maltipoo.  Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / PaulconwallA maltipoo. Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / Paulconwall

Several miniature straight haired Dachshunds will be on sale for £ 4,000 each during your stay in Gillingham.

The seller says there are still two boys available and potential buyers can see the puppies from four weeks of age.

The dogs will not leave their mother until they are eight weeks old. They have microchips and would have had their first vaccination by then.

You are registered with the Kennel Club and have five weeks of free insurance.

The pups can be viewed with their mother and the owner says they grew up in a loving home with children.

A dachshund.  Image: PixabayA dachshund. Image: Pixabay

Elsewhere in Snodland, two male Cockapoo pups are for sale for £ 3,300 each.

The seller says both parents can be seen by potential buyers and the dogs are now ready for their new home.

They are insured for five weeks and have received their first and second vaccinations.

The dogs are also microchipped, have received flea and worm treatments and are also registered in the Kennel Club.

A £ 300 non-refundable deposit can be secured and the dogs are fed dry puppy food.

A cockapoo.  Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / Luke TruickoA cockapoo. Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / Luke Truicko

Finally, in Rochester, two female Blue French Bulldog puppies sell for £ 3,500 each.

You were born on July 12th and will be ready to leave home on September 7th.

The mother is a family pet and can therefore be seen with her puppies before buying.

They are used to noises, young children, and other dogs and the seller says mom and dad are from amazing bloodlines.

A deposit of £ 500 will give you one and the puppy will come with microchips, five weeks of free insurance, health checks and be dewormed.

A blue French bulldog.  Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / David RowleyA blue French bulldog. Stock Image: Wikimedia Commons / David Rowley

However, since the lockdown began, not only has the price of dogs increased, but also the number of dogs stolen.

Pet break-ins into homes and kennels has increased by 65%, according to the national charity DogLost.

DogLost, which reunites missing dogs with their owners, said there were 48 incidents during the lockdown period from March 23 to June 1 this year, but only 29 incidents were reported over the same period last year.

And another animal welfare organization, the RSPCA, encourages people who are thinking of getting a dog to go to one of their rescue centers to find the perfect family pooch.

An RSPCA spokesperson said, “It appears that the demand for pets is increasing during the lockdown, as is the price of many popular breeds.

The RSPCA encourages people to go to one of their rescue centers to get a dog.  Image from a picture agencyThe RSPCA encourages people to go to one of their rescue centers to get a dog. Image from a picture agency

“It is great that so many families want to welcome a pet into their home, but we urge them to make sure they can make a long-term commitment to that pet and have a plan for when the lockdown will be lifted and we will move on to normal.” Return to life.

“If you want to take in a pet, please consider adopting it from a rescue center.

“The RSPCA has more than 6,000 animals in our care across the country; various breeds, ages, sizes, and personalities.

“We are extremely concerned about where many of the dogs that were sold during the lockdown came from, how they were bred and raised, and the conditions under which they were kept.

“Unfortunately, we believe there are many unscrupulous people who take advantage of the demand for pets and raise prices to make quick money, all at the expense of animal welfare.”

There are a variety of different dogs such as French mastiffs at RSPCA centers.  Image: Bigandt Photography / istock.comThere are a variety of different dogs such as French mastiffs at RSPCA centers. Image: Bigandt Photography /

It is believed that, on average, people spend between £ 5,000 and £ 13,000 in their lifetime on their dogs.

Escaped animals, unusual finds and news from the RSPCA can be found here.

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