Canines within the polls: The place Mississippi State Bulldogs baseball now sits after sequence win over Ole Miss Rebels


The state of Mississippi used Super Bulldog Weekend to continue its recent dominance over Ole Miss. MSU have won two out of three games against their opponents in the past three days. As a result, the state holds onto the top of the country’s baseball rankings.

The Bulldogs are now sitting at 27-8 overall and 10-5 in the SEC game after the series defeated the Rebels. Where did the Bulldogs land in this week’s national polls in the final days of action? Well, let’s take a look.

Before you get there, here are some weekly reminders. It is useful to note that there are six national polls recognized in the Mississippi State Baseball Game Notes given to the media for each competition. It’s these six polls that we’ll be keeping an eye on each week in this area – the D1Baseball Poll, Baseball America Poll, Perfect Game Poll, USA Today Poll, Collegiate Baseball Newspaper Poll, and the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA)) survey.

Another frequently asked question is, “Which survey is really important?” The short answer here is, “None of them”. The only thing that really matters is what the members of the baseball committee who composed the field of the NCAA tournament think. And these people don’t post a poll.

Another point of note is different media or TV shows that sometimes use different surveys. Here at Cowbell Corner, it is the D1Baseball Poll that all articles, previews, etc., rely on because they trust the opinion of that organization.

OK, now that all of that is out of the way, here is the state of Mississippi in the above six polls in the latest ranking released Monday April 19th:

  • D1 baseball – No. 4 (no change compared to last week)
  • Baseball america – No. 2 (previously No. 3)
  • USA today – No. 4 (no change compared to last week)
  • Perfect game – No. 4 (previously No. 6)
  • Collegiate Baseball Newspaper – No. 4 (previously No. 11)
  • NCBWA – not yet published (previously No. 5)

The state of Mississippi continues to hold its own strong in the national rankings after beating Ole Miss in a row. (Courtesy photo of the Mississippi State Athletics)

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