Canines, homeowners collect for festive occasion


Dozens of local residents took their dogs to the flyball and disc clinic on Sunday to learn a new trick or two.

The free event in North Jefferson City was held in conjunction with the Smokin Guns Working Dog Club’s regular weekly Toss & Fetch League competition. The event was sponsored by the Jefferson City Club and Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry.

Scott and Jennifer Woodward brought their dog, Breez, to the event. They joined the Smokin Guns Working Dog Club earlier this year and said they wanted to have Breez outdoors whenever possible.

Breez, a border collie, is penned up during the day, said Scott Woodward.

“She loves being out here. She’s going crazy right now, ”he said. “She never gets tired. When we’re up, she’s up. “

Patty Ypya, vice president of Smokin Guns, said she was thrilled with the turnout of several dozen people and their dogs. The event, she said, was just to take people outside with their dogs and try flyball and disc. Flyball is like a relay race for dogs, and Disc throws and fetches discs.

“My dog ​​is barely catching anything, but I’m having a great time playing out here,” she said.

During the Toss & Fetch League competition, some of the dogs jumped and brought the discs back to their owners, while others didn’t seem to understand the rules or were in a timed event. One dog got his disc and took it to a judge, and another dog brought it back to its owner but did not let the owner take it back.

The Rebel Tacos Food Truck was in attendance as were dog organizations / companies like Loving Paws, Steady Paws, PawfinessewithJess, Capital Area K9, the Honey Creek Pet Resort and Premium Pets.

Becky Mathiot and her husband Greg made the drive from Versailles for the event, bringing their Australian Shepherd, Dusty.

“It was good for him and me,” Becky Mathiot said, adding that they came to the event to interact with other dog owners as well.


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