2 French bulldogs up for adoption in S’pore as household cannot convey them alongside after they depart by end-2021 – Mothership.SG


A pair of two year old French Bulldogs have been given up for adoption in Singapore.

Nancy, who is black and white, and Misa, the sable-colored pooch, are due to be adopted together, their family said in a post that announced why the dogs were being abandoned.

The post appeared in the Facebook group Singapore Pet Adoptions & Rehomers.

Can’t bring all dogs

The Singapore family has four dogs, according to the Post, but they can only bring two if they leave Singapore by the end of 2021.

This is due to the restrictions imposed by the host country as a passport allows the owner to bring a pet.

The family will bring two older dogs, ages 12 and 13.

This leaves the two French Bulldogs behind.

The Post also said the family contacted six to seven moving agencies and only one came back with an offer of S $ 15,000 shipping fee to relocate the Bulldogs.

Additionally, airlines tend to prevent snub-nosed dogs from boarding.

About the dogs

Both dogs were sterilized and microchipped.

The dogs have their own Instagram account.

Nancy is described as sensitive, attentive and independent, but has slight problems with the spine and is supplemented with “Antinol”.

Misa is described as careless and easy going and needs an injection every two months due to an allergy.

Both dogs are not suitable for families with young children or other dogs, cats and small animals.

The family is also willing to pay for a two-week training camp to ensure a smooth transition.

However, French Bulldogs are not HDB approved.

Here is a screenshot of the adoption notice:

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