15 Canine Breeds Celebrities Have Had, From Corgis To Maltipoos


Whether you’re a big Hollywood star or not in the spotlight, they all have one thing in common. It looks like everyone loves their dogs equally. As you learn more about the dog breeds that celebrities have had, you will see these stars in a whole new light. Be prepared for a severe case of puppy fever, however, as these pampered pets are just adorable.

Both toy and terrier breeds appear to be popular with both celebrities and some members of the sports group. Although the days of tiny dogs being herded into handbags may be over, the smaller breeds definitely seem to be still in vogue. But as anyone who has lived with a smaller dog knows, even the smallest canines still have a lot of personality (and sometimes demeanor).

There is something cute about the way celebs treat their dogs too. Even people who have tremendous fame and success still post silly pictures with their dogs on social media, which is perhaps the most humanizing thing anyone can do. After all, dogs don’t care how much you love getting on Insta or how much money your latest movie made. They just love you, and that unconditional love is something almost all people can appreciate.


Yorkshire Terrier

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images


French bulldog

These funny dogs make wonderful companions and are loved by many celebrities. In fact, Lady Gaga has three French Bulldogs named Miss Asia Kinney, Koji, and Gustavo, as mentioned in Bravo.



Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images News / Getty Images

These adorable dogs have a huge celebrity following. Eva Longoria, Halle Berry, and Alec Baldwin have all owned Maltese dogs, as stated in People.



The Kardashians seem to love these tiny pups. The adorable toy breed is pretty irresistible.



The star has a long history with Maltipoos, a cross between Maltese and Poodles. In 2009, Jessica Simpson’s Maltipoo Daisy was taken by a coyote and never seen again, as mentioned in People. But earlier this year the star added a new puppy to their family, and Dixie looks like she could be a Maltipoo too.



Mike Coppola / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

OK, it might be easier to find a celebrity who doesn’t have one of these precious dogs. Celebrities who own pugs include Jessica Alba, Hugh Laurie, Gerard Butler, and George Clooney, as explained in Thrive Global. It’s impossible to resist that adorable, flushed face.


Cocker spaniel

The queen of all media is a huge fan of this cute, meek breed. Oprah’s cocker spaniels Solomon, Sophie, and Sadie have been companions of the star over the years, as noted on Simba’s blog. Just scroll through her social media to see how much Oprah loves her dogs.



Laboratories are fantastic. Scott Eastwood even spoke to people about his yellow lab puppy, Fred.


Italian Greyhound

These sleek little dogs are a celebrity favorite too. Seth Meyers’ dog Frisbee is an Italian greyhound, as Forbes noted.



Evan Agostini / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

No list of celebrity dogs would be complete without mentioning Paris Hilton’s beloved Chihuahuas, who have accompanied the celebrity to events everywhere. Notoriously tiny, these pets are the definition of a lap dog.



WPA Pool / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II is hard to imagine without her beloved corgis. In fact, the Queen owned over 30 Pembroke Welsh Corgis in her day, according to the New York Times. These medium-sized, friendly dogs make wonderful companions.



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